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  • +1234 567-8901

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to challenge the traditional business model of car sales,
creating a transparent and hassle-free platform for car owners
to trade directly with one another.

The Concept

evolve360 is a new concept in car selling and buying where direct owners trade directly with one another without going through dealers, so that sellers can sell at a higher price and buyers can buy at a lower price. Offering transparency to both direct sellers and buyers with a flat low fixed fee model, sellers and buyers are encouraged to meet up to trade their cars face to face, supported by the professional services of evolve360. This is an industry first, where dealers have traditionally shied away from letting buyers meet sellers due to the imbalance of their buy-in cost and selling price.
evolve360 will use its market knowledge to educate sellers on the median price for their cars to sell; where this price will always be higher than what dealers are offering, and lower than what dealers are listing. This ensures that these prices are always relevant, and driven by real market forces by direct sellers and buyers, and not artificially manipulated by dealers out to make a profit. Buyers and sellers are thus able to save and get real value for their money.

The company believes that the way to move forward in this competitive industry, is to price its services low, and providing quality services.

Name & Logo

 "Evolve" refers to the constant evolution of change, and the "360" affirmation of this continuous and complete change. The .direct in the domain name is a commitment of our service towards direct owners in the market of selling and buying cars. The evolve360 service is about direct dealing, real owners and sellers, without the middleman.

The logo shows the small letter "e" in energised and refreshed blue to denote our service, and the counter-clockwise running arrow signifies an on-going yet "re-volutionary" approach to the age old industry of car selling and buying.